And One More

Today had some sad things in it before noon even and so this music video cheered me up. I was raised on the Muppets. I am firmly in the Muppet camp. And Jason Segel, who is regularly wonderful on the t.v. show How I Met Your Mother and has been building a producing empire, has made it his crusade to bring the Muppets back full force in their new movie, due out this fall, with the full backing of mighty Walt Disney Pictures. In support of the movie, the Muppets have put out a new album, The Green Album, with bands like Weezer and Andrew Bird performing famous Muppet songs along with the Muppets. My favorite zany guys, band OK Go,  did the cover of The Muppet Show theme song, and they’ve just released the music video for it, starring OK Go and the Muppets, and making jokes about both  the original The Muppet Show and things from OK Go’s famous music videos — dogs, kaladeiscope, Rube Goldberg machine, etc. (I have put up all of these videos on my blog in the past and you can also find them on OK Go’s You Tube channel or at their website. )

You don’t have to know any of this to enjoy the video however. It’s just silly fun on its own:


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