A Little Train Music, Part 1

One of the best things about cities is that when you gather large groups of people together in one locale, you get musicians playing. No one knows this better than the riders of the New York Subways. Dark, grimy, smelling of pee they may be, but there’s always a show. Here are some brief clips from some fun performers:

And here is a bit of serendipity that has gone viral:  Back in January, NYC Singer and musician Jessica Latshaw, coming home from a class on the train, was approached by a man on the train with Conga drums, Quoom “Q-Dot,” a musician and music teacher who frequently performs with his drums on the subways, because he’d seen her ukele case. He talked her into getting the ukele out and playing it. Another guy on the train, Matt Schwartz, recorded on his phone Latshaw playing and singing, with Quoom accompanying her on his drums and his drummer and DJ pal MC Boogie playing master of ceremonies. The performance was completely unrehearsed and spontaneous and the video took off once Schwartz put it up on YouTube:

Overwhelmed by the response to the video, a couple of weeks later, Latshaw, Quoom and MC Boogie all got together for another unrehearsed concert at a place called The Local. That version was a bit faster and funkier:

Thanks to Matt Schwartz for capturing the moment, and good luck to all of them and to the rest of the musicians who ply their trade or burst into song in the dim tunnels and stations where sometimes the lights go out, but a flame of beauty still keeps life alive.



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2 responses to “A Little Train Music, Part 1

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  2. I love this! Thank you for postingtheir follow up.

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