Well, He is a Dark Hero


Yes, Batman got stopped by the cops in my old homebase, Montgomery County, Maryland. Apparently he took his Batmobile out for a spin without a proper rear license plate and tags, having a Batman symbol plate instead. He was let off with a warning. (Just because you’re a vigilante superhero doesn’t mean you are above the traffic laws.) In this particular case, the Dark Knight was Batman impersonator Lenny B. Robinson, on his way to visit some kids in the hospital in his black Lamborghini convertible turned Batmobile.

You can just imagine the call in to the police station by the cops on highway patrol: “We’ve got Batman in the Batmobile and he doesn’t have any rear tags. Can we stop him please, please, please? And somebody bring a camera.” Yep, that’s right. The photo above and others, including of officers posing with Batman, were taken by the Montgomery County  cops and put up on their station Facebook page. And that’s how Batman avoids a ticket, boys and girls.





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