Interesting Articles While I Wait on My Contractor

I have a backlog of these:

1) A helpful geek from the Houston Press answers your children’s questions.

2) The Center for Disease Control rocks. They’ve prepped for a zombie epidemic.

3) SFF author John Scalzi created a site Next Band Name for his own amusement, but hey, works for us too.

4) The Ugly Moose explains reasons your blog may be suffering.

5) Another Scalzi excursion: On April Fool’s Day, pretended to be doing a manga version of Scalzi’s last year’s April Fool’s Joke, a fantasy trilogy that has never existed, The Shadow War of the Night Dragon, complete with manga book covers, to celebrate Scalzi’s Hugo nomination for his short story, which is the imaginary Prologue to the imaginary first novel, The Dead City, of this imaginary series. Fantasy author Scott Lynch helped out by starting an imaginary feud with Scalzi on his blog, to which Scalzi responds. (Yes, convoluted, but funny.)

6) Mega-selling SFF author Christopher Moore answers FAQs about author book-signings.

7) Lastly, a graph. No one seems to know who first generated it, but it’s gone viral. I give you Game of Thrones and American politics.


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One response to “Interesting Articles While I Wait on My Contractor

  1. That last one is perfect!

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