A Coda to a Peacock — The Siege of Disney’s Cinderella Castle

My husband turned me on to a discussion in the Military Strategy forum of the site Quora on how to take possession of Cinderella’s Castle at Disneyworld: http://www.quora.com/Military-Strategy/What-are-the-optimal-siege-tactics-for-taking-Magic-Kingdoms-Cinderella-Castle

Some military folk have weighed in, but you can add your own take. Here’s a picture of what you are facing:


Be sure to check out the related discussion on what sort of glass would Cinderella’s slippers need to be made of for her to really be able to dance in them.

What has this to do with Mr. Peacock’s article and the conversation surrounding it? Mr. Peacock, like many before him, has tried to build an argument that geeks are a particular species set apart from the rest, that women are rarely qualified as such, and that those whom self-appointed monitors regard as unacceptable are a problem who have to be ejected from the conversation and insulted on the way out. I don’t want to live in Mr. Peacock’s world. I want to live in the real world where people casually talk about taking Cinderella’s Castle.  Where things that they enjoy, reinterpret, share and use are not put to a sniff test that becomes an excuse for viciousness and puffery. Because it’s way cooler. And that’s the last I’ll say about that, unless Peacock rears his head for another game of whack a mole.  Enjoy the siege plans.


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