Zombies are Business People Too!

Something way more fun finally:

First, the photo of a van that is labeled the Zombie Plumbing Company. Unfortunately, this company does not actually exist. It was some promotional stunt done by a company called Sky Plumbing in Daytona Beach in the U.S.  But when has something like that ever stopped SFFH fans? (The photo is accredited to KULfoto.)


Second, a wonderful commercial by the very real Notions Unlimited Bookshop in Chelsea, Victoria in Australia, a SFFH specialty bookstore.

If you live in Chelsea or surrounding areas, go shop there! They are clearly awesome. Thanks to my online pal, kids SFF author Bren MacDibble, for the alert. Buy her books! She is also awesome.



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2 responses to “Zombies are Business People Too!

  1. Thanks! Chuck McKenzie is a lovely person who has a wonderful bookshop and you should definitely all visit it whenever you’re down this way, and don’t worry, very few people have actually been bitten by the zombie.

  2. He seemed a very reasonable zombie and greatly resembled a number of bookstore employees I have known.

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