Pretty Things — More Artwork

Back in the spring, I mentioned Scottish painter Paul Cadden who does work in a genre that is called hyperrealism, with paintings and drawings that look amazingly like photographs.  Another hyperrealist painter who works in acrylics is Canadian Jason de Graaf. De Graaf, among other subjects likes to play with glass, metal and reflections, with lots of color. Here are some of his really interesting works, or you can check out lots more at his site:

Another, different sort of artist I’ve learned about is Iranian painter, photographer and graphics artist Amir Zand. Some of his work is towards the realism part of the spectrum, but others are more of a distinctive style that uses elements of comics art, Asian styles and his own jagged look. He has worked for outfits like Black Label Comics, and his prints and posters are pretty reasonably priced. He also works in video and animation and you can check out his gallery at Deviant Art. I first saw his work for the cover of Australian author Lucas Thorn‘s first novel in his Nysta series, Nysta: Revenge of the Elf, an excellent looking secondary world Western style fantasy action thriller (sort of Dark Tower territory,) about an elf who goes after the elves who killed her husband. (Can’t think of a better handle for a writer of Western style fantasy than Lucas Thorn really.) Check it out:

Other works of Zand’s:

And because we haven’t had one in awhile, some new works from my pal, writer and graphics artist Cynthia Radthorne (still trying to figure out what I want her to do for the banner header on my blog; feel free to make suggestions in the comments.) By the by, that work of hers I displayed earlier, A Test of Skill, was bought by a health magazine for their cover, so way to go, Cynthia!

This one I think got commissioned for a book called Starheart by Greta Van Der Rol:


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7 responses to “Pretty Things — More Artwork

  1. Mr. Zand’s stuff is great, as are the other two artists you feature here. I’ll have to check out the elf story, though I haven’t been into elves for a while. For your header image, how about a steampunk goddess/oracle sci/fi fantasy landscape thingy with a big-ass turtle?

  2. I think them being elves is somewhat incidental to the story, but I don’t know for sure. Definitely not Tolkein elves though. It’s a moderately violent book. A turtle?

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