Trafficking in a Net Language One Does Not Understand

So today I had a pingback comment for my I Am Sad post about the deaths of Ron Palillo and Harry Harrison. Pingbacks aren’t unusual, but I couldn’t tell what sort of site it was, so I clicked on the link, (always a bit of a risk,) and it was some site where people could ask random questions or just put some stuff up. At least that’s what it seemed like but it had no page explaining exactly what the site was or what it was for or who ran it. Someone had put up my whole post there, presumably as information about the actor and author deaths. And if people who did this stole your stuff, the site had a disclaimer but you could complain to them about infringement. I did not do this because the posting did in fact credit my blog with hyperlink as the source for the post and I don’t mind somebody doing that as long as they aren’t claiming my words for their own. Plus I have no desire to give these people, whoever they are, my email address. But this unthemed, not spam conglomeration, akin to holding out a big net to see what flotsam and jetsam wander into it, seems strange to me.

And yet, it probably isn’t strange. It’s probably very common on the Net, well known phenomena to long term bloggers and Net surfers. I mean somebody must use that site and someone definitely re-posted my post on it. And it strikes me in writing entries on this blog, on a blog software site that offers the space for free for promotional purposes, out into the ether, that I am in fact writing in a language that I don’t really understand, through technology and software I don’t know,  to be used and interpreted in numerous ways that I have no awareness of whatsoever, even though I am just one of millions of dimly speaking voices in the electronic print interface. And it all seems to be controlled by random collections through search engines. Perhaps Google really has become the essence of the Illuminati. I don’t know.

But clearly, i don’t thoroughly understand pingbacks yet.

Has anyone else found their words ended up somewhere weird on the Net?



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4 responses to “Trafficking in a Net Language One Does Not Understand

  1. Nowadays it’s easy to outsource our subconscious.The flotsam and jetsam of the net tide takes something from here and deposits it way the hell over there – how did that catamaran end up on top of that school?- sometimes in whole form, sometimes in snippets. Sometimes the reasons are relatively easy to deduce – link bait, etc. And sometimes we just have to stare and scratch our heads at a catamaran on top of a school house.

    I see the reverse often enough. One of the most common searches that brings strangers to my blog shore is ‘Raymond Chandler qualities of a hero’ and variations. They come in waves; 50, a hundred over the course of a week, then none for weeks, then a dozen, then 30… at first I thought it was some prof’s writing assignment, but they come from all over, the US, Brazil, the Netherlands. Who knows?

    Only the algorithm, I suppose, and it ain’t telling.

  2. Oh, I was very obliging. I simply quoted at length from ‘The Simple Art of Murder’, as I found his take fascinating and have been dabbling in noir detectives of a fantasy stripe for a while now. I basically just put it up there for my own reference, as books mysteriously move around my house/take vacations without informing me.

  3. I’m in the same boat as the main books that remain unpacked from our move are boxes of books, for which we still do not seem to have enough bookcases, despite donating lots of titles to the library. I’m missing currently three books that I was reading or my husband wants to read.

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