We Now Return You to Your Irregularly Scheduled Program

(Oh that’s an old one.) Due to technical difficulties, I was unable to access my blog for a bit. And currently, there are alligators snapping around my ankles:

So, instead, have some fun with author John Scalzi, who keeps saying foolish things on Twitter, like if he got 40,000 followers on Twitter, he would allow himself to be covered in buttercream icing. So author Neil Gaiman took him up on it and bleeted the call far and wide, and so Scalzi got himself covered in buttercream icing by roller derby skaters in Neil Gaiman’s front yard. Enjoy the video and you can buy the professional horror movie spoof poster, the proceeds for which go to help starving authors with medical bills and fluffy kittens. No really, fluffy kittens. And enjoy Gaiman’s house, which is annoyingly beautiful.


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