Amir Zand and Lucas Thorn ride again

A few months back I highlighted a book cover I thought was interesting for Australian author Lucas Thorn‘s first book in a western-flavored revenge tale of elves: Nysta: Revenge of the Elf. The book cover was done by Iranian artist Amir Zand. Zand has done a new cover for the next book in the series, Duel at Grimwood Creek, in which Nysta continues to hunt down the Bloody Nine who killed her husband while facing creatures and mysteries out in the Deadlands. Where the first book’s cover went with brash color, this one nods to that color in a more black and white patina. I think both are swell. Here’s the cover (unable to make the image larger apparently):



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6 responses to “Amir Zand and Lucas Thorn ride again

  1. hi, kat! thanks for the feature again. 🙂

    amir makes my jaw drop every time he sends me something. with that one, he was going with the theme of chains and the coldness of the character’s environment as much as her emotional level. he also worked hard to make the lettering part of the art, which i like given a lot of cover art seems to stamp the lettering on so it can be more visible than the art. i kind of prefer this blending.

    i loved the way he presented her as something barbaric. it shows a lot of her spirit, i think. 🙂 his art is amazing. i think of it as some kind of fantasy scifi impressionism.

    the larger size can be found on my website at the link:

  2. hi dear Kat ,
    you really made my day by featuring me again ,

    im honored to be a part of Thorn’s Book , he is always been kind to me , working on his Elf character was really satisfying for myself personally and i hope to be a part of it on the whole series ,

    i cant say how much i appreciate to be featured here .
    i’m greatly thankful Kat ,


  3. You’re very welcome. The art is very cool and the series is quite interesting. Which reminds me, Lucas, will book 2 be available in print and in North America?

    • hi, kat. it certainly will. i’m just waiting for the proofs to come through to be sure, though. unfortunately they seem to be sent to me in australia by pigeon, hence the delay… 🙂

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