J. August Richards Knows the Drill — Geek T.V. (MTV) Interview on Upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. t.v. series

I made a vow that I would try to not add any of the new t.v. shows this coming season to my roster. Which lasted only very briefly once it came out that Joss Whedon was executive producing and initially writing with his team a spin off t.v. show from the Marvel movies called Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., that Clark Gregg would be reprising his role as Agent Coulson on the show (despite that character having died in the film The Avengers,) and finally that J. August Richards, best known as Charles Gunn in Whedon’s show Angel, would be having a role.

Richards has appeared on shows  like Warehouse 13, The Mentalist and Arrow since his legal show, Raising the Bar ended, but has also been busy doing his own projects, such as the short films Private Policy and The Hypnotist, which was shown at the recent Denver Comic Con. While he was in Denver, he was interviewed by MTV’s Geek T.V. about the new series. It’s not very informative, given that Richards is under a cone of silence, (his own involvement in the show was kept quiet for a long time,) but it’s funny. (Link below as it will not let me embed the video.) And we get him back regular on t.v., so I’m happy about that. It’s a reminder to me not to make vows. 🙂








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