Interesting Writings — 6/12/13

Quick Linkage time*:

Chuck Wendig entertainingly talks about Kindle/Warner’s team-up to sell licensed tie-in fiction to some of their book/t.v. show franchises as a form of “fan fiction.”

Foz Meadows talks about realism and outliers in SFFH.

One more sexism in SFFH entry by Emily Finke, because I thought this very cogently talked about the larger problem beyond the big controversies.

Tobias Bucknell explains publishing math to people who don’t really know anything about it.

Video interview and quoted excerpts from an interview with recently deceased writer Iain M. Banks. The award winning author was an excellent ambassador for doing away with the imaginary wars and an all round great guy. It is a loss, but check out the legacy of his novels, including his last one coming out this week.

*For reasons known only to WordPress, only one link here got the traditional blue coloring, but they all seem to be working, so click on the underlined words. Thanks!


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