Browncoats from Poland Raise the Fandom Bar

Okay, so I was going to actually do a book post (yeah, I know, it’s remarkable,) but the day kind of got away from me, so here instead is a charming pfiffle, as our British friends might say. Apparently, loyal fans of the defunct but much loved SF show Firefly from Poland weren’t able to talk to the cast including Nathan Fillion at the San Diego ComicCon. So they sent him and the show a love letter from Poland, “A Signal From Poland: We’re Still Flying”:

Fillion liked the video and expressed a wish to visit Poland at some point. The Browncoats there jumped on this and did a totally awesome fan video, inviting him to come see them, entitled “We’re Waiting, Captain!”:

So enjoy, and SFF fans are going to have to work harder now to impress us.



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