Odds and Ends — 7/14/13

There has been some sad news recently, but it is still being digested, so instead, here are some other things:

1) J.K. Rowling has been outed as the author of the successful mystery novel The Cuckoo’s Calling, under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. Galbraith was supposed to be an ex-military cop writing about the improbably named ex-military detective, Cormoran Strike. The debut book came out in April to buzz and praise. A newspaper investigation, though, caught Rowling out very quickly. (No longer are we in an age when someone like Stephen King could masquerade as Richard Bachman for several years.)

My reaction to this is giggles. I can just imagine the compliments about the military manly manness of Strike and Galbraith in many reviews. Even better, the book was much praised for its writing. It also now makes a great birthday present for the hubbie, who loves Rowling. It’s rather funny this came out now as I just saw a university Quidditch team practicing this afternoon, my first time seeing people play it live.

2) I hate Chuck Wendig because he is annoyingly good at writing. Not only did he write the fantasy novel Blackbirds, and a number of other things I need to get to, (and design games, etc.) but he’s infernally good at writing pieces on his blog that you don’t want to read while drinking liquids near the keyboard. I had to put his blog on my blogroll, since I cannot possibly be putting up a link saying go read what Chuck wrote every other day.

But now I really hate him. I had on occasion taken some of the weirdest, most poetic content from spam marketing comments that I got on this blog and put them up as Spam Poetry with sometimes snarky commentary. So clever of me. But you know what Chuck has been doing for quite awhile apparently? Taken the weirdest search terms that people have supposedly used to find his blog and dissects them. He calls it Search Term Bingo.  I can’t play this game because I mostly get search terms like “boy lost at comic convention” because I put up the photo of the boy who was lost at a comic convention talking to Wonder Woman and the Flash. I could make some up. I suspect that Chuck has made some of them up. But I don’t care because it’s funny and in that one column, he made about four different memes. So anyway, read that one and look up some of the others, and come to hate the brilliant Wendig as much as I do. Also, read Blackbirds.

3) Lionsgate, facing a vocal backlash at the launching of a film version of Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, is trying to disassociate itself from Card, whose virulent views of gay people and fierce activism against their rights has come under fire, and hold a LGTB benefit in premiering the movie. This desperate move came after Card hamfistedly demanded to the media that no one protest boycott the movie or say mean things about his views anymore because the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Prop 8, despite all the efforts of NOM, of which Card is a director. Lionsgate is being equally disingenuous, claiming that they didn’t know Card’s views before getting into the film. Given that he’s been doing his activism for twenty years or more, this seems unlikely.

People are either going to come to the movie or not. I won’t be, but have nothing against people who do go. Ender’s Game and sequel Speaker for the Dead are two very SF interesting novels (and libraries often have them if you want to check them out, which helps libraries.) Unfortunately the man who wrote them is not a very interesting person.

4) And a last bit of social consciousness for the day, which also just happens to be amazing spoken poetry, is a video by young British poet Hollie McNish called Embarrassed about breastfeeding, society and her own personal journey. Having been through what she’s gone through, all I can say is, well done, madame, well done:




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2 responses to “Odds and Ends — 7/14/13

  1. McNish is my new hero. Thanks.

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