Been On Blog Walkabout

Long journey — image from Nicole Rae Fitness (photographer unknown)

One of the things I’ve learned about blogging is that it takes a fair amount of organization and effort, despite best intentions and one of the goals for the blog simply being a lab for random thoughts. (This goes for writing in general, obviously.) This past summer I’ve been on a bit of a walkabout in terms of parenting stuff, health and life in general. (Anyone looking at this blog knows it’s not unusual for me or anyone else. ) But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been learning things, or occasionally writing things. And I’m still finding many aspects of blogging valuable. So as with each year we’ll see how it goes with the writing and the fiction writing, and such.

In the meantime, I’ll start the new school year with a next post that offers a moderately coherent breakdown of SFF “genre” history and development that I did at SFFWorld in response to a question from another member. (Or in other words, random thoughts.) Happy fall/spring everyone!


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