Interesting Shadow Art

I’m in the midst of housecleaning stuff, plus the occasional rant on Scalzi’s blog about the SFWA fun going on, so here, look at some art until normal signals resume:

This is the work of artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster, and it’s quite cool.

“The Individual” and “She”




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2 responses to “Interesting Shadow Art

  1. waves hello– saw your comment on Scalzi’s blog, and in case you didn’t get past the first 15 comments, I have self-published it. … self-publishing was easy, it’s the self-marketing I’m having trouble with. :}

    • Oh cool then. Only problem is my daughter has upsconded with the Paperwhite we were given, so I can probably get the novel — but reading it may take me a bit, though. (She’s stronger than I am and she’s working her way through Song of Ice and Fire.) But will definitely be checking it out. Suncatcher is a good title and the cover is lovely. Alia is running a contest for people to convince her to send them a free copy, so those of my twelve readers who are interested can check it out — steampunk SF with a Pakistan-American protagonist!

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