The World is Heating Like an Oven — Have Some Humor!

Oh my warping white dwarfs, are we burning up over here! So instead of substance, you get humor, another thing that the Internet is for:

John Scalzi posted a picture of his giant former farm front yard on Twitter — and his pals started playing with it.

Delightful humorists introduce today’s kids to old computers and today’s teens to 1990’s Internet, with predictable but funny results. Guaranteed to make anyone over the age of 25 feel ancient.

Wil Wheaton launched a new t.v/web show and on it, he got Talking Dead talk show host Chris Hardwick to help him revamp the Walking Dead theme song as if the gothic zombie apocalypse show was done in the 1980’s:

I must now go in search of ice. Because that world ending in ice or fire thing? It’s apparently going to be fire. (Hope the lower equator territories are enjoying a nice winter.)










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