Weird Al Yankovic Still the Gentle King Of Music Video Parody

Been one of those days, so here, have some parody homage videos from venerable satirist Weird Al Yankovic, from his new album, that are taking the Web by storm:

First, a version of Pharrell Williams’ huge hit “Happy” called “Tacky” with a plethora of lip syncing guest stars:

A different take on Australian rapper Iggy Azalea’s hit “Fancy” retooled as “Handy“:

And finally, a tribute to Lordes’ sensation “Royals” called “Foil,” which goes in unexpected directions and also has some guest stars:








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2 responses to “Weird Al Yankovic Still the Gentle King Of Music Video Parody

  1. Hey Kat! Just to let you know that Weird Al has really upset some people in the disability community with that ‘Word Crimes” song:

    and other people aren’t happy either:

    • Yes, I unfortunately noticed the word only on the go round when I was testing the clip operation. Not happy about it (though it’s still better than the original song.) I hope he will alter it in a revised version. 1980’s, man — still some ways to go. I’m disappointed. I’ll leave it up for now for the entertainment of friends who have endured my no rules in writing fiction including grammar rants, but I may take that one down.

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