Oracle by Susan Boulton

My pal Sue is having her first novel debut this year from British publisher Tickety Boo Press and it’s a pip. Oracle is a secondary world gaslight fantasy, chock full with train crashes, riots, politics and magic both poignant and malicious. It’s a world undergoing radical social change as it becomes industrialized, a world in which wandering mad prophets are made with magic out of those who have died. I interviewed Sue about her new work and her future plans for You can check out the link here below, and the book is available as an e-book internationally, and a print book in British bookstores, Amazon U.K. and from Tickety Boo directly, including international shipping.

Sue has been publishing short fiction and has had a devout quiet cult following for some time. I’m delighted her work is now being made available to a larger audience, and in such a fun and imaginative novel as Oracle.




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