Well that sort of hits the nail on the head, doesn’t it? About. What is this blog about? What am I about? You can get very existential about the word “about.”

About why there are/will be a lot of items concerning book publishing on this blog:  I’ve worked in retail trade book publishing for most of my adult career. I started in the junior editorial ranks of a house that is currently part of Penguin, was a literary agent and contracts administrator at a West Coast, U.S. agency and then was a free-lance book editor and sometimes course instructor. Currently, like half the planet, I’m trying to do some fiction writing of my own.

About why there are/will be a lot of items concerning science fiction, fantasy, horror and other types of fiction:   Me love fiction. And I have a particular fondness for SFF, an area where I am trying to do some writing projects and a market on which I have always kept an eye. I am also a moderator at the discussion forums of the website SFFWorld, (see Blog Roll,) under the handle KatG, and occasionally do articles, author interviews and news items for them.

About why there are/will be items on other subjects on this blog:  Because I am a fully rounded person. Also, a disorganized person.

About how well I manage the technology of this blog:  I still am figuring out what all the buttons are. WordPress tries to make it as easy as possible, but even there, they seem to think that I automatically know what terms like ftl language ready mean. (I don’t.)

About the comment policy for the blog (should people actually be making comments, which is highly in doubt):  I will decide whether a comment stays or not. I like to have discussions with people, including ones who may disagree with me about things. I don’t have much patience for people who think yelling and insults are the same thing as a discussion.

About contacting me besides leaving comments (especially if comments get mysteriously eaten, etc.):  You can email me at katgoodwin1@yahoo.com. Again, yelling, etc., is not the same thing as an email.

That’s all I’ve got right now.  About why we are here, all I know is that it has something to do with biological cells multiplying.