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Naturally Uplifting

There’s been a lot of silliness going on today, so you know what that means? Animals! Because serot0nin needs a boost, man.

For instance, is there anything cuter and weirder than baby stingrays?

Did you know that some types of rays can fly?

Drones may be the new tools of the skies, but hawks are unimpressed:

Remember, lions are cats. Big, smart cats:


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Happy Halloween!

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A Stone is a Stone to a Mountain Goat

My friend sent me these pictures, which she thought were from the Buffalo Bill Dam on the Shoshoni River in Wyoming, U.S., but which actually turn out to be Ibex goats nibbling on crevice plants and crossing the Lago Baitone dam at Brescia in Italy. But it doesn’t really matter, because anywhere in the world,  it’s cool:

Unfortunately,  I don’t know who the photographer is to credit the person. They appear to have been widely disseminated on the Web.

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