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Unreality Junction: Authors Featured in the Past

Here’s a list of SFFH authors I’ve featured on my blog in the past. All worth checking out, more to come:

Liz Williams

Connie Willis

Graham Joyce

Fiona McIntosh

Elizabeth Bear


Robert V.S. Redick

Allison Brennan

Patrick Lee

Ari Marmell

Mario Acevedo


Kim Harrison

Alexey Pehov

Joe Hill

Ian Douglas

Susan Beth Pfeffer


Margaret Ronald

Ian McDonald

Ian Tregillis

Heather Tomlinson

James Knapp

N.K. Jemisin

Adam Roberts


Katharine Beutner

Stephen Deas

Teri Hall

Kaaron Warren

David Louis Edelman

Lauren Beukes


Sarah Ash

Mark Teppo

David J. Williams

Carrie Ryan

F. Paul Wilson


Jonathan Barnes

Greg Egan

Vicki Pettersson

Stacia Kane

Sara Creasy


Debra Doyle & James Macdonald

Jocelyn Drake

C.L. Anderson

Carlos J. Cortes

Darryl Gregory

J.A. Pitts


Shiloh Walker

Anthony Huso

John Dickenson

Seanan McGuire

Catherine Jinks


Helen Lowe,

Tobias S. Bucknell

Suzanne Johnson

Deborah Coates

John Love


John Levitt

Carolyn Crane

Tim Marquitz

Lincoln Crisler

Jasper Kent

Jon Sprunk


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2010 SFFH Novels to Check Out — Welcome to Fall!

Shiloh Walker, in a post for Tor.com, gave one of the best explanations of the compulsion of fiction writers I’ve encountered: “Because it’s shiny.” Here’s the link: http://www.tor.com/blogs/2010/07/because-its-shiny

Her newest paranormal romance title, Veil of Shadows, takes place in an alternate realm facing a war against demons and tells the story of a couple who may have found love amid war, or betrayal.

Anthony Huso‘s The Last Page is getting some good buzz. It’s a dark alternate world fantasy with a steampunk vision and a young king and sewer monsters. I always like sewer monsters.

John Dickenson, a British author, offers a chilling vision of the possible future in the SF thriller We, when a man must leave the interconnected Earth for a life mission to a distant and isolated  ice moon, and from there, he will begin to see what humanity has become.

Seanan McGuire just won the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer at the 2010 Aussie WorldCon. An Artificial Night, the third novel in her contemporary fantasy series October Daye, is now out. Half-fae, half-human detective Toby Daye has to tackle the Wild Hunt to rescue kidnapped children, while dealing with omens of her own demise.

Catherine Jinks brings horror to space in the YA novel Living Hell, about a youth on a colonizing spaceship which begins an organic transformation that causes it to seek to expel the human passengers.


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