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Hire Artist Natasha Alterici!

Artist Natasha Alterici put out that she has slots available for up-coming commissions in February. Her stuff seems pretty good so check her out if you are looking for a cover artist or other artistic needs:


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Humans will carve anything. Dragons!

While it won’t last forever, this video of watermelon carving by Italian artist Valeriano Fatica is fascinating:


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Some Art To Peruse (Dumping Days)

Still cleaning out my closets, and here are some lovely and strange artworks and links to more.

Artist Carl Jara does amazing things with sand sculptures:

Carl Jara

I unfortunately couldn’t find out whose photo graphic art this is, so if anybody knows, let me know, but I utterly love it, with the ocean as a pup tent:


Then there’s the amazing cardboard sculpture art of Kai-Xiang Xhong:

Kai-Xiang Xhong


And because I love them, more 3-D chalk art!


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Music Videos for Eyes and Ears

I have occasionally written about the perplexing advertising strategy of selling products through images of women photo-shopped to make them look like weird stick alien creatures — not simply skinny but disjointed and inhuman. Since advertising is the process of association, associating your fancy perfume or haute couture with horror movie images seems counter productive. The band Foster the People has explored this idea more fully in the music video for their new hit single, “Best Friend.” It’s a good song about a troubled relationship and the SF style video is excellent, funny and disturbing. Check it out:

And oddly enough related to that, I got introduced to the delightful Meghan Trainor‘s music in this pastel dance party video for the snappy ode to loving your body, “All About the Bass.” This one will stick in your head:

And finally, after too long away, OK Go, the indie masters of the music video, have returned with a new one for a song, “The Writing on the Wall,” from their up-coming new album. The video is both a nod to their famous Rube Goldberg style video for their song, “This Too Shall Pass,” and a feast of visual special effects and brain teasers that work with the new song, a poignant ballad about the ending of a romantic relationship:





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A Plethora of HyperRealism Art

Soo many things to talk about and I will soon, but in the meantime, I had earlier in this blog put up some art from hyperrealism artists, which is a style of art I find fascinating. Hyperrealist artists use paint, pencil, pens, etc. to create works of art that look like photographs. I had featured the work of Paul Cadden and Jason de Graaf. Here’s a piece at Dose about a whole slew of them and they are all quite amazing. Some examples:


Kevin Okafor

Ray Hare

Mike Bayne

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Maya Angelou Leaves Us

But we still have her words:


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Videos for a Rainy Friday Evening

My desk looks like a tube of paper exploded on it. So have some entertaining videos:

1) The wonderfully clever short film called Darth Baby’s Lightsaber. This is my new favorite Star Wars parody:

2) The amazing group Arstidir (close as I can get to reprinting properly,) sing an old Icelandic hymn in the stunning acoustics of a German train station:

3) Dan Newbie‘s rendering of the theme to Game of Thrones on water glasses, jugs and pans:

4) The trailer for the up-coming new t.v. show, Constantine, adapted from the comics and airing on NBC in the U.S., which looks pretty good:

5) The trailer for the new New Zealand mockumentary film about vampires, What We Do in the Shadows. I’m hoping it gets widely distributed:*    *Apparently, it’s not a film; it’s a t.v. series, which is even better.

6) And lastly, an amazing street performer reproduces Bumblebee from the Transformer movies in Michigan. I don’t know if this is the same guy as the one in New Orleans but it seems very likely, and I don’t know who he is but the special effects people in Hollywood should hire him:






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Let’s Just Take A Moment

A photo of the Silfra Fissure between the North American and European continents by photographer Alex Mustard:

Silfra Ravine by Alex Mustard

Silfra Ravine by Alex Mustard

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Links & Misc. — Spring Cleaning! — Part 2

Arts and Fun:

First, an article from Salon.com about how text and Net lingo does not warp people’s brains. (But don’t text and drive.)

Next, a nice story about the secret animator code used by Disney and other animation shops.

Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde‘s exhibit creates clouds in rooms.

Actor Arthur Darvill, best known for playing Rory on the t.v. show Doctor Who, sings a song, “The Ballad of Arthur Darvill,” written for him by BBC 1 radio DJ’s to the music of Frozen‘s “Let It Go”. And it is awesome.

Improv Everywhere gets into more than usual trouble by having a large group dressed in white bodysuits and Gap clothing pose as mannequins in a Gap store, whereupon they are briefly arrested. It’s funny. And The Gap is really stupid about PR marketing.

The Korean arts Project SH stages an a cappella cellphone performance on a subway train. I am sure if I spoke Korean, it would be even funnier, but it’s beautifully done regardless:

And the incredible painting and mural art of artist David Walker:





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Art Stuff

I would like one of these lawn dinosaurs very much, please:


Katerina Plotnikova does very funky photo art:


Isaac Cordal’s sculptures are also amazing:


2 Cellos are also awesome:



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