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Because It’s Friday and I’m Still Underwater

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Oh, that Tom Wilson!

Tom Wilson, actor and comedian, is best known for his role as villainous Biff in the super famous Back to the Future movies from the 1980’s (also starring Michael J. Fox and Crispin Glover.) But in our household, Wilson is known as our own personal comedian. That’s because way back, Wilson held a fundraising stand-up concert for a scholarship fund that was in memorandum of a drama teacher and mentor of his at UC San Diego in the States. And he dragged along his pal Steve Oedekerk, a stand-up and actor/writer of Ace Ventura and Jimmy Neutron fame, to help him out. But the show was on a weekday and the group that set it up didn’t publicize it enough, even though Tom Wilson is a big name who can easily fill a comedy club. When we showed up at the cosy round auditorium on campus, we discovered that only about 12 other people had bought tickets. Wilson could have canceled the show, since it was essentially a failure as a fundraiser. Instead he and Oedekerk announced that they were our very own personal comedians and performed, doing stand-up bits, gags, taking questions, including about the Back to the Future movies, and at one point rushing out and dragging people from the walkway outside into the theater to add to the audience –which those few of us who had bought tickets didn’t mind at all. It was a wild, silly, terrific evening, and forever after, we have thought of Tom Wilson as our own personal comedian and felt he can do no wrong.

More recently, we’ve been watching the DVD’s of the one season television cult hit Freaks and Geeks, in which Wilson played the gym teacher, and felt sorry we missed out on the show when it was on the air. We’re always happy to see him — he was recently on the cable t.v. series Big Love — not the least because he’s extremely talented, including playing the guitar.  The clips below are parts of his comedy routines in the past that feature the excellent songs Stop Asking Me the Question (about the Back to the Future movies, but hey, during the concert he told us we could ask,)  The Daughter Song and Haiku Songs. Wilson also has a DVD out of his comedy concerts called Bigger Than You.

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