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Briannah Donolo Followed Me on Vacation

So we’re on a vacation trip and my husband and I are eating lunch in a restaurant and pop songs are playing on the restaurant’s sound system. And my husband stops eating and says, “Isn’t that Briannah’s song?” And I listen more closely and realize, yes, that is Briannah Donolo’s single, which has been doing pretty well, being played along with singers like Drake and Lady Gaga. It was a rather weird experience, to be sitting there eating shrimp while listening to the kid I used to know sing in the background from whatever satellite channel they were using.

The entertaining music video for the song “Fake It Till You Make It” seems to no longer be available online. I believe it’s probably been pulled because an album is in process that will include it. However, Briannah, who also goes by Briia on the music scene, does have an official audio video for that song still up as well as one for her other single, “Back to You.” Both songs are good and so I put them up for folks to enjoy until there is a full album out there. Briia has been running around performing, mostly in Canada, and doing some modeling. More power to her. I expect her music will be lurking behind me at even more places as time goes on.




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Briannah Donolo Goes Viral — As We Always Knew She Would

So I came to my blog today to find a lot of views. Was my piece about Amazon negotiations that fascinating?

Nope. (Well okay, it was a bit fascinating, but not that much.) They were¬†searching out young singer Briannah Donolo, a few of whose music videos I’ve put up here, and the group included record company people. What had Briannah done? Sung the hay out of the U.S. and Canadian anthems at a recent Canadiens-Bruins hockey game apparently. (See below.) The performance has gone viral, as in global.

Is my family surprised? Having heard that voice from back when she was a little thing, no. We knew it was only a matter of time. Congrats to Briannah, and for everybody else, enjoy:



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More Song Stylings from Briannah Donolo!

A brief cover performance of “If I Ain’t Got You” acapella style from young and talented Briannah Donolo:

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Happy New Year — May You Soar This Year

To celebrate the start of the crazy new year that is 2012, here’s a partial demo of a new, original song, Summer’s Rain, by the ridiculously talented Briannah Donolo (auditory only video.) Finish this one and put it on the up-coming album, Briannah!


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My Continued Promotion of Young Singer Briannah Donolo

A preview version of the new single, Reckless, audio video below. Since she’s a friend of my daughter’s, not only do I feel free to keep flogging her praises on my blog, but I get to play editor. Briannah:

1) The new photo intro is more fun, but it cuts off the beginning of the song.

2) You need longer songs.

3) The sound quality on this one is a bit fuzzy. Kind of gives it a Lady Ga Ga feel. I kind of like it, but I don’t know if it’s what you intended.

Yes, I know it’s not finished yet.


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Introducing Briannah Donolo — An Awesome Kid

She’s young. She’s learning. She is incredibly poised. And she’s got a hell of a voice. So check it out, the future Canadian Alicia Keyes (the little music channel dance there at the beginning of the video you can ignore; this is basically just an audio presentation.)

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