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Humor for the Day

First up, courtesy of John Scalzi, a video of a cat with a printer that has been reinterpreted by a Brit:

Second, you’d think that they’d run out of funny Star Wars parodies, but no, here’s one more, courtesy of SFSignal, Ben Kenobi: Private Eye (which goes nicely with the Nickelback one I guess.)




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Awesome Kids (Feline Imitation Division)

While I was tied up, the Internet was busy making and recovering things for me. That is the Internet’s job, and in doing that job, it reveals cultures we might never have been aware of without its time wasting intervention. To wit, I was unaware of Gioachino Roissini’s 1816 opera Otello (because I am a poor peasant slob,) and I was even more unaware that in 1825, someone, apparently possibly Robert Lucas de Pearsall, took part of that opera and composed what has become known as Roissini’s Duetto buffo di due gatti (Humerous Duet of Cats.) But other people are not at all unfamiliar with this piece and it has been performed for almost two hundred years. Recently, the elves of the Internet put up what is a performance of this duet by two young Catholic boys as part of the choir Les petits chanteurs a la croix de bois, which was performed in Seoul, Korea, all the way back in 1996. That would make the two young gentlemen in their twenties now and I hope they remember their performances of this fondly. What makes this possibly the best performance of the piece is that, in addition to the striking contrast of two pre-teens wearing white robes and large wooden crosses meowing to classical music, both of them can make actual cat sounds.

However, also of some merit is this somewhat more recent performance by the Phoenix Boys Choir in 2004, (which means these kids are headed off for college by now,) which takes the more traditional approach with the piece of hamming it up as musical theater with dueling cat behavior silliness:

Why do I find this funny? Because I have a cat. (Who somehow got out of his room at four a.m. and attacked our bedroom door, shrilling at the top of his lungs, because he was absolutely convinced that it was time for us all to get up and feed him. ) And because it’s fun to watch kids grow with classical music of which their parents are ignorant. But luckily the Internet will educate us all.

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