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Interesting Writings for a missed phone conference afternoon

A veteran of fiction publishing explains why if one more new author asks her about writing for trends, she’s going to have to stick them in a cave somewhere and seal the entrance. Okay, not really.  She says things in a much nicer way, but you know that it probably crossed her mind and the mind of every published writer.


Chris Dolley presents a compelling example of why believability in fiction has got nothing on real life.


It’s been awhile since I put up a Charlie Stross essay, and here’s a good one about the realities of space colonization compared to the Wild West frontier myth about it.


I’m always a bit hesitant to send people to Hal Duncan’s blog for his brilliant essays because though he is erudite and intelligent, they are usually also made of long and dense and academically mined prose and people get all nervous. (Plus, he insists on having that parchment background to the text column as well as the backdrop, which is harder to read.) But this entry is a short and succinct take on a recent column from author Jason Sanford, who was dealing with a teenage interviewer. Sanford was extremely nice to the teen, but Duncan doesn’t have to be as he’s not actually dealing with the student and so gets down to brass tacks. At some point, I’m going to attempt a thing on what genres are in the market and why there isn’t a literary genre, which involves marketing channels and packaging confusion, but in the meantime, Duncan’s irritated grumbling is a simple statement of the new criticism (the one that deals with reality.)



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Interesting Writings

1) Wil Wheaton, famous forever as young Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: New Generation — something he sends up well on Big Bang Theory — but also a very good writer in his own right, is doing a guest spot on SF t.v. show  Eureka and blogging about it:


2) SFF writer A. Lee Martinez has some posts on the issue of respect toward SFF and toward satiric SFF that are funny but also make some decent points:



3) Really excellent blog posts from Jay Lake on e-books, which touches on points that came up once and again on John Scalzi’s Whatever blog:



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