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Godzilla — Roar!

Went to see the new Godzilla movie last night. Things I learned:

1) Godzilla has less screen time than you would expect. (But he has the most adorable eyes!)

2) So does Bryan Cranston.

3) Breathing under a mask is loud.

4) Do not mess with school bus drivers.

5) The military never listens to scientists when it comes to monsters.

6) Apparently, the military does not have a lot of EOD specialists lying around. Or tools to break plastic glass.

7) The director of the movie is obsessed with train tracks.

8) Everyone now in San Francisco will get cancer, and definitely don’t eat the fish there.

9) The neatest part of the whole movie is watching a hotel resort I stayed in get destroyed. (Look, it’s the boat dock!)

10) The thing that frightened me the most was a pelican.

11) Woman in the fridge!

12) The plot was slightly less nonsensical than the plot of Pacific Rim, and definitely was a brain trust compared to Prometheus.

It was silly and generally fun, but a bit too long maybe. The monsters and monster battles were pretty well done. I happen to be someone who liked the 1998 Godzilla film (which was very successful financially,) but I will say that this one is probably more in keeping with the spirit of the original Godzilla films. Consequently, it does not have a lot of (intentional) humor to it but there are plenty of smashed buildings. And Godzilla himself has the patience of a saint in this movie. Really, don’t expect him to put up with all this stuff in the sequel.





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