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Movie Trailers with High Octane

First, for Thanksgiving, Colin Farrell does the criminal trying to go straight but gets dragged back in bit  in London Boulevard, (it actually looks pretty good):

Next, Jack Black doing his thing in the remake Gulliver’s Travels for Christmas, (the trailer shows far too much of the movie):

Ben Foster used to star in a kids show when he was like twelve, so seeing him in the dark, adult roles he prefers today always makes me smile. And then makes me scared, because he’s pretty good at the dark roles. And in The Mechanic, January 2011, he’s teamed up with British action wunderkind Jonathan Stratham, as an assassin and apprentice out for revenge, so it’s two bullet-shaped heads for the price of one:

In March 2011, L.A. is under attack yet again from aliens, and this time it falls on the Marines to save us in World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles, (this trailer conversely doesn’t show enough material, but everyone seems very frightened):

In April 2011, Jake Gyllenhaal is a soldier who finds himself in a time travel mission dilemma in Source Code. It’s kind of like the Denzel Washington movie, Deja Vu, but on a train, over and over (ironically, Denzel is also doing another train movie):

In June 2011, Ryan Reynolds blasts off as Green Lantern, from the DC Comics superhero character, a film that asks us to buy Blake Lively as his fighter pilot boss:

And lastly, the lauded comic Cowboys & Aliens comes to the screen in July 2011 with Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, and enough steampunk to stuff Trigger:

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