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Well, Captain Marvel IS Smiling

I went to see Captain Marvel last night in a packed 3D glasses theater full of people of all ages. In front of us were a line of young boys who were mega excited throughout, one of whom proclaimed it the best after we finally got to the ends credit scene. It was altogether uber enjoyable and cemented Sam Jackson’s status as a national treasure. Brie Larson and her supporting cast were awesome, including the cat. And flying sequences usually bore me, but these were pretty good.

And all the frothers’ anti-equality frothing came to nothing, which is because they are a teeny slice of political activists and Russian bots. Higher. Further. Faster, indeed.




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J. August Richards Knows the Drill — Geek T.V. (MTV) Interview on Upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. t.v. series

I made a vow that I would try to not add any of the new t.v. shows this coming season to my roster. Which lasted only very briefly once it came out that Joss Whedon was executive producing and initially writing with his team a spin off t.v. show from the Marvel movies called Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., that Clark Gregg would be reprising his role as Agent Coulson on the show (despite that character having died in the film The Avengers,) and finally that J. August Richards, best known as Charles Gunn in Whedon’s show Angel, would be having a role.

Richards has appeared on shows  like Warehouse 13, The Mentalist and Arrow since his legal show, Raising the Bar ended, but has also been busy doing his own projects, such as the short films Private Policy and The Hypnotist, which was shown at the recent Denver Comic Con. While he was in Denver, he was interviewed by MTV’s Geek T.V. about the new series. It’s not very informative, given that Richards is under a cone of silence, (his own involvement in the show was kept quiet for a long time,) but it’s funny. (Link below as it will not let me embed the video.) And we get him back regular on t.v., so I’m happy about that. It’s a reminder to me not to make vows. 🙂







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Wonder Woman is Haunting Me

I’m actually not the biggest fan of Wonder Woman, although I am fond of her as the most successful female superhero we’ve ever managed to have. So it’s a source of some amusement to me that she keeps popping up lately. First, it was the costume issue:


Then it was the news that unlike Superman, Batman and various other DC heroes, Warner had decided to scrap the plans for a Wonder Woman movie and relegate her to a new television series.  This was soon followed by the news that Superman is getting yet another reboot and a new director, Zack Snyder, of 300 fame. And then an alert friend turned me on to this clip from the television Justice League cartoon, via SFSignal:

Apparently, Wonder Woman has been frolicking romantically with both Superman and Batman in the various DC comics, which is hardly a surprise, and there has also been a flirting romance going on in the Justice League television cartoon between Wonder Woman and Batman. It’s included such classic bits as the two pretend kissing in subterfuge (this one requires that annoying double-click):

So I think it would be kind of neat if in the next Batman movie, Wonder Woman showed up as the love interest, but obviously that’s not going to occur now with the television plans. Maybe some of the Smallville crew can show up on the new Wonder Woman show. But until that show is up and running, Wonder Woman — shoo!

(On the Marvel side of the fence, the new, totally unnecessary Spiderman reboot has hired actress of the moment Emma Stone to play Gwen Stacy, Spiderman’s first love. This seems to be an attempt to give old Gwennie an actual personality. )

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