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Videos for the Summer Is Almost Over Realization

I’m to be away, so have some funny videos:

The choir boys at Oxford do a Shakira medley for charity. Yes, they largely have no rhythm but Shakira found it endearing:

True Facts About the Owl (and Giggles):

Jeff Bridges does a “Big Lebowski” tribute in throwing out the first pitch at a L.A. Dodgers game. (His current wild west look goes perfectly):








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Music is a Wondrous Thing

Cobwebs everywhere! I am dusting, and I have soooo many links and sooo many books to talk about and, well, I will be trying to get to them. To start with is a viral music video that is one of those, “this is why it’s neat to have an Internet” things.

Dallas-based musician and songwriter Jesse Rya, who has played at the Dallas House of Blues and other clubs, was one particular afternoon busking outside a Kroeger’s Drugstore while working and riffing on his song, “Sometimes, I Just Don’t Know.” Jaime Tatos Maldonado, a new manager of the nearby dollar store and big music fan, liked the playing and started to film Rya with his phone camera. It just so happened that another Dallas singer musician, Howard Mullins, was also on that street and he also liked Rya’s song, so he started, with Rya’s encouragement, to come in on improvised accompaniment. That was cool enough, but this drugstore is clearly a popular one for musicians and rapper-singer Ron Lashley, who was headed into the drugstore, trilled a little with them and was encouraged by Mullins, Rya and Maldonado to chime in. He added a rap, whose first line I love: “I don’t really know what’s going on here.”

Maldonado got the whole improvised jam on his phone and he naturally put it up on his Facebook page. His friends started sharing it and the video quickly went up on YouTube and such and went viral, with Maldonado getting deluged and having to contact Rya and find the other two singers. 

The news media also hunted them down and the story spread.

A lot of people thought it was a set-up, rather than a fortuitous accident, and some of them contacted Jimmy Kimmel, who has been known to do this sort of Internet hoax thing for his late night show. Kimmel had nothing to do with it, but he knows a good thing when he sees it. Before Ellen DeGenneres could snatch them up for her show, he brought all four men out to L.A., and the trio performed the song again on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, with added accompaniment from Kimmel’s house band and several guests, including my fave Aloe Blaac. It was a pleasant, if chaotic performance.

Here’s hoping that all the uproar does nice things for the three men’s careers. As for Maldonado, he seems to be a good guy having a lot of fun with helping them out and celebrating music with the world Internet. Maybe someone should hire him as a talent spotter.

It’s a reminder of how many great performers and creators are out there and it’s nice that the Internet gives us a chance to see some of them.



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Links & Misc. — Spring Cleaning! — Part 2

Arts and Fun:

First, an article from Salon.com about how text and Net lingo does not warp people’s brains. (But don’t text and drive.)

Next, a nice story about the secret animator code used by Disney and other animation shops.

Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde‘s exhibit creates clouds in rooms.

Actor Arthur Darvill, best known for playing Rory on the t.v. show Doctor Who, sings a song, “The Ballad of Arthur Darvill,” written for him by BBC 1 radio DJ’s to the music of Frozen‘s “Let It Go”. And it is awesome.

Improv Everywhere gets into more than usual trouble by having a large group dressed in white bodysuits and Gap clothing pose as mannequins in a Gap store, whereupon they are briefly arrested. It’s funny. And The Gap is really stupid about PR marketing.

The Korean arts Project SH stages an a cappella cellphone performance on a subway train. I am sure if I spoke Korean, it would be even funnier, but it’s beautifully done regardless:

And the incredible painting and mural art of artist David Walker:





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I Want the Album

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A Major Earworm — Make A New Dance Up by Hey Ocean!

Seriously, you’ve been warned. This will be stuck in your head for quite awhile:


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Art Stuff

I would like one of these lawn dinosaurs very much, please:


Katerina Plotnikova does very funky photo art:


Isaac Cordal’s sculptures are also amazing:


2 Cellos are also awesome:



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Ultimate Harmony: Pentatonix

Busy today, so check out the new original song “Run to You” from group Pentatonix. It’s really beautiful:

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Today, We Hope

It’s a big day for my family after a long haul, so it seems appropriate to put up a music video of Imagine Dragons’ “On Top of the World.” The video makes a nice joke over the conspiracy idea of faking the moon landing — these guys have a lot of fun with their videos and a lot of nice songs:


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Technical Difficulties, But Odds Are It Will Be Alright

Technical/computer problems have struck. It’s an elaborate Halloween/Day of the Dead prank, I tell you! But the Barenaked Ladies tell me that the “Odds Are” that it will be alright. So enjoy below:

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The Play Was Excellent — Here’s Another Funny!

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