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Briannah Donolo Followed Me on Vacation

So we’re on a vacation trip and my husband and I are eating lunch in a restaurant and pop songs are playing on the restaurant’s sound system. And my husband stops eating and says, “Isn’t that Briannah’s song?” And I listen more closely and realize, yes, that is Briannah Donolo’s single, which has been doing pretty well, being played along with singers like Drake and Lady Gaga. It was a rather weird experience, to be sitting there eating shrimp while listening to the kid I used to know sing in the background from whatever satellite channel they were using.

The entertaining music video for the song “Fake It Till You Make It” seems to no longer be available online. I believe it’s probably been pulled because an album is in process that will include it. However, Briannah, who also goes by Briia on the music scene, does have an official audio video for that song still up as well as one for her other single, “Back to You.” Both songs are good and so I put them up for folks to enjoy until there is a full album out there. Briia has been running around performing, mostly in Canada, and doing some modeling. More power to her. I expect her music will be lurking behind me at even more places as time goes on.




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Some Music Tunes to Groove On

First up, the remarkable Jesse L. Martin, backed beautifully by Rick Cosnett and Carlos Valdes, his castmates from The Flash (apparently everybody on that show can sing,) sing a gospel version of the cult show Firefly‘s theme song, “The Ballad of Serenity,” as a thank you to Joss Whedon for making a big donation to Martin’s up-coming folk musical short film, The Letter Carrier:

Next, the trippy nature video for Kate Pierson‘s single “Bring Your Arms” on her solo album Guitars and Microphones:

With similar bursts of color, the hit single “Rule the World” from Walk Off the Earth‘s new album, Sing It All Away:

And lastly, in my tradition of often liking groups that use numbers for their names, new rap/hip-hop group twenty one pilots‘ hit single “Fairly Local“:

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Weird Al Yankovic Still the Gentle King Of Music Video Parody

Been one of those days, so here, have some parody homage videos from venerable satirist Weird Al Yankovic, from his new album, that are taking the Web by storm:

First, a version of Pharrell Williams’ huge hit “Happy” called “Tacky” with a plethora of lip syncing guest stars:

A different take on Australian rapper Iggy Azalea’s hit “Fancy” retooled as “Handy“:

And finally, a tribute to Lordes’ sensation “Royals” called “Foil,” which goes in unexpected directions and also has some guest stars:








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Music Videos for Eyes and Ears

I have occasionally written about the perplexing advertising strategy of selling products through images of women photo-shopped to make them look like weird stick alien creatures — not simply skinny but disjointed and inhuman. Since advertising is the process of association, associating your fancy perfume or haute couture with horror movie images seems counter productive. The band Foster the People has explored this idea more fully in the music video for their new hit single, “Best Friend.” It’s a good song about a troubled relationship and the SF style video is excellent, funny and disturbing. Check it out:

And oddly enough related to that, I got introduced to the delightful Meghan Trainor‘s music in this pastel dance party video for the snappy ode to loving your body, “All About the Bass.” This one will stick in your head:

And finally, after too long away, OK Go, the indie masters of the music video, have returned with a new one for a song, “The Writing on the Wall,” from their up-coming new album. The video is both a nod to their famous Rube Goldberg style video for their song, “This Too Shall Pass,” and a feast of visual special effects and brain teasers that work with the new song, a poignant ballad about the ending of a romantic relationship:





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Videos for a Rainy Friday Evening

My desk looks like a tube of paper exploded on it. So have some entertaining videos:

1) The wonderfully clever short film called Darth Baby’s Lightsaber. This is my new favorite Star Wars parody:

2) The amazing group Arstidir (close as I can get to reprinting properly,) sing an old Icelandic hymn in the stunning acoustics of a German train station:

3) Dan Newbie‘s rendering of the theme to Game of Thrones on water glasses, jugs and pans:

4) The trailer for the up-coming new t.v. show, Constantine, adapted from the comics and airing on NBC in the U.S., which looks pretty good:

5) The trailer for the new New Zealand mockumentary film about vampires, What We Do in the Shadows. I’m hoping it gets widely distributed:*    *Apparently, it’s not a film; it’s a t.v. series, which is even better.

6) And lastly, an amazing street performer reproduces Bumblebee from the Transformer movies in Michigan. I don’t know if this is the same guy as the one in New Orleans but it seems very likely, and I don’t know who he is but the special effects people in Hollywood should hire him:






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A Little Night Music

Because Arizona has put me in the mood and because it’s a good song, here’s the 1980’s rock video homage style video for Pretty Reckless’ “Heaven Knows”:

And because I’m basically hopeful, here’s the Sam Roberts Band hit, “We’re All In This Together”:

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A Little Video-ing

Still correcting the flight path of the spaceship here, so enjoy some video offerings:

1) Satiric mock film trailer: Hell No horror film:

2) Singer Jeremy Passion‘s single “Suddenly”:

3) A pretty tune, “Bring Me The Night” from Internet sensations Sam Tsui and Kina Grannis for Tsui’s “Make It Up” album, produced by Kurt Schneider:

4) A nice parody with well done little touches (especially the outfits,) called Black Ops: Disney Princesses:


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Musical Interludes — Jonny Lang

One more!

Jonny Lang learned how to play the guitar at age 12. At age 14, he was touring with a blues band as lead singer and musician. At age 15, he had a record deal with A&M. At age 16, he had a hit record, “Lie to Me.” At age twenty, he was starring in the movie Blues Brother 2000. He has recorded and toured with everyone from B.B. King to Cyndi Lauper. In 2006, he won a Grammy. He’s reached his early thirties now, but he still looks like he’s 19 at most. He’s going to be participating in Eric Clapton’s charity guitar blues fest at Madison Square Garden in April.

I’d love to go see him live some day. Obviously, his guitar playing is brilliant but what I’ve always loved is his singing — a haunted rusty voice that really shouldn’t have been coming out of a teenage boy. So here’s “Lie to Me” and then a later single of his, called “Red Light,” which has a cute video and I like the song a lot.

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Musical Interludes — Oren Lavie

Emerging is being difficult, so more music videos! This one comes from Israel playwright and musician Oren Lavie, off of his first album The Other Side of the Sea. The single is “Her Morning Elegance” which I really like and the music video he did for it is quite amazing and got a Grammy nomination several years ago.  Also included is an audio only video of his single “A Dream Within a Dream,” which I like. Lavie also got an orchestral song “Dance Round the Memory Tree” onto the soundtrack of the movie Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. “Her Morning Elegance” though is more New York jazzy in style with Lavie’s whispery voice. The hard working actress in the video is Israel model Shir Shomron.


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Musical Interludes — Walk Off The Earth

Ontario, Canadian band Walk Off The Earth signed with Columbia Records last year and is now coming out with their new album R.E.V.O. in a few weeks. WOTE play nearly every instrument and can turn almost anything into an instrument, and they have a lot of fun with their videos. Here’s the first single off the album, “Red Hands,” which I like a lot and which is getting a lot of airplay in the North; the official video and then a bonus video version where they spoof their cover video of Goyte‘s “Somebody I Used To Know,” in which all five of them used one guitar to play the song, by playing “Red Hands” all together on a giant guitar they found in a pawn shop. And just because it’s a fun one, I’m throwing in the video of their cover of “Little Houses” by Malvina Reynolds.


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