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Musical Interludes — Jonny Lang

One more!

Jonny Lang learned how to play the guitar at age 12. At age 14, he was touring with a blues band as lead singer and musician. At age 15, he had a record deal with A&M. At age 16, he had a hit record, “Lie to Me.” At age twenty, he was starring in the movie Blues Brother 2000. He has recorded and toured with everyone from B.B. King to Cyndi Lauper. In 2006, he won a Grammy. He’s reached his early thirties now, but he still looks like he’s 19 at most. He’s going to be participating in Eric Clapton’s charity guitar blues fest at Madison Square Garden in April.

I’d love to go see him live some day. Obviously, his guitar playing is brilliant but what I’ve always loved is his singing — a haunted rusty voice that really shouldn’t have been coming out of a teenage boy. So here’s “Lie to Me” and then a later single of his, called “Red Light,” which has a cute video and I like the song a lot.


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Musical Interludes — Oren Lavie

Emerging is being difficult, so more music videos! This one comes from Israel playwright and musician Oren Lavie, off of his first album The Other Side of the Sea. The single is “Her Morning Elegance” which I really like and the music video he did for it is quite amazing and got a Grammy nomination several years ago.  Also included is an audio only video of his single “A Dream Within a Dream,” which I like. Lavie also got an orchestral song “Dance Round the Memory Tree” onto the soundtrack of the movie Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. “Her Morning Elegance” though is more New York jazzy in style with Lavie’s whispery voice. The hard working actress in the video is Israel model Shir Shomron.


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Musical Interludes — Walk Off The Earth

Ontario, Canadian band Walk Off The Earth signed with Columbia Records last year and is now coming out with their new album R.E.V.O. in a few weeks. WOTE play nearly every instrument and can turn almost anything into an instrument, and they have a lot of fun with their videos. Here’s the first single off the album, “Red Hands,” which I like a lot and which is getting a lot of airplay in the North; the official video and then a bonus video version where they spoof their cover video of Goyte‘s “Somebody I Used To Know,” in which all five of them used one guitar to play the song, by playing “Red Hands” all together on a giant guitar they found in a pawn shop. And just because it’s a fun one, I’m throwing in the video of their cover of “Little Houses” by Malvina Reynolds.


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Every Video I Have Left Over

When you are moving, you discover that:

1) You don’t get things done.

2) Spam contacts launch a virtual assault.

3) People subscribe to your blog despite the fact that you’ve posted nothing for nearly a month. (Thanks for that, by the way.)

So as a pathetic placeholder of blogging fail while I finish moving, here are various video links I had lying around. Let’s see if they work:

A particularly funny version of the lament to George R.R. Martin that fans make by professional comedians at Geek & Sundry, Write Like the Wind:

More Song of Ice and Fire fun with the theme to the television adaptation, Game of Thrones, done through pet squeaky toys:

More Geek & Sundry: I’ve become a huge fan of The Guild, Felicia Day’s Web series, and this is a promo music video they did for their Season 5 with a song written by Day and Jed Whedon:

A delightful tribute to Internet trolls by comedian Isabel Fay and her troupe Clever Pie, Thank You Haters! :

The complete rundown of 14 cameos with the actors popping out of a window of the skyscraper Batman and Robin were pretending to walk up or down in the classic 1960’s t.v. series Batman.  How many of these people you know will determine how old you are, but even if you know none of them, they are still a lot of fun:






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Music Day

It’s music day through the open window today.  First, a little Aloe Blacc, with excellent dancing, for the song “Loving You Is Killing Me”:

Then an original song by the Canadian group Walk Off the Earth, who apparently play every instrument known to man, called “Money Tree”:

And finally, medically induced hallucinations from “Cough Syrup” by Young the Giant:

My day was good. How was yours?




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And One More

Today had some sad things in it before noon even and so this music video cheered me up. I was raised on the Muppets. I am firmly in the Muppet camp. And Jason Segel, who is regularly wonderful on the t.v. show How I Met Your Mother and has been building a producing empire, has made it his crusade to bring the Muppets back full force in their new movie, due out this fall, with the full backing of mighty Walt Disney Pictures. In support of the movie, the Muppets have put out a new album, The Green Album, with bands like Weezer and Andrew Bird performing famous Muppet songs along with the Muppets. My favorite zany guys, band OK Go,  did the cover of The Muppet Show theme song, and they’ve just released the music video for it, starring OK Go and the Muppets, and making jokes about both  the original The Muppet Show and things from OK Go’s famous music videos — dogs, kaladeiscope, Rube Goldberg machine, etc. (I have put up all of these videos on my blog in the past and you can also find them on OK Go’s You Tube channel or at their website. )

You don’t have to know any of this to enjoy the video however. It’s just silly fun on its own:

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Gooshy Videos to Celebrate Official Summer

1) First up, the Minnesota Public Radio show Wits had Neil Gaiman on with host John Moe and at one point, Gaiman called up Adam Savage, co-host of the very fun science show Mythbusters, and got Savage to do his dead-on Gollum impersonation:

2) Keenan Cahill is a teenager with Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome who has become a video sensation for the comic way he lip-synchs popular songs. This has led to him doing videos with the actual music stars and others. This one, set to his pal Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night,” is fun because he’s joined by several cast members of the t.v. musical show Glee — Dianna Agron, Harry Shum, Jr., Darren Criss and Jenna Ushkowitz — clearly in a back corridor of an arena where the Glee folk are doing their summer concert tour, and they got terribly silly. My daughter is a firm Darren Criss fan, so I include it — he’s the one in the pink sunglasses:

3) Funny or Die hits it out again with a fake promo for a fake Showtime show, Dark Ages. You have to doubleclick on this one, but it’s worth it just for the “Take Me” shot. Who here wants this to be a real show?

4) And lastly, it’s the Harry Potter time of year as the movies draw to a close, and so here are two Potter comedy videos, both concerned with the school houses of Hogwarts:

Hogwarts: What House Are You?:

And the music video “Wizard Love” by Meekakitty, featuring heyhihello:

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