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Well, What Do We Do Now

So it’s been a wild couple of months again, including some unexpected medical crises. And we really don’t know what’s going to happen in the future except that it’s looking bad and probably will involve another global recession. So I’m thinking about what I am going to do/need to do and that includes how I want to handle this blog, which has gotten rather intermittent the last couple of years. For now, I am chugging through the end of the year, and I hope all of you chug through it too without disaster.

In the meantime, I enclose this very sweet piece by author Maureen Johnson about dealing with one’s spoons, this up-lifting quote from Kurt Vonnegut Jr. from his work A Man Without A Country:

“The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable. Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake. Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio. Tell stories. Write a poem to a friend, even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possibly can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something.”

And lastly, the latest video from OK Go for their new song “The One Moment,” which includes all their favorite things: paint, explosions, Rube Goldberg machines, geometric patterns and umbrellas, plus you can check out the charity causes being supported by their sponsor, Morton’s Salt. And if you don’t want to do that, if you can, support your local food bank.



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Some Music Videos to Accompany Snow. And More Snow. And Yet More Snow. (Enjoy the summer, Southern Hemisphere!)

Just to get things started (and clean out some files,) here are some music videos that contain great tunes and interesting video experiences.

First up is folk singer Shawn James, who decided to cover the A.A. Bondy song “American Hearts” in a wolf sanctuary near Fort Collins, Colorado. Some of the wolves came to check out the musicians, as hoped, but to their surprise, the wolves in the area also joined in for part of the song. You can check out the wolf sanctuary, which also takes donations, at:


And Shawn James’ music at:



Next is the video from alt rock Franco-American band Hold Your Horses! for their single “70 Million.” In it, the band members and some pals re-create famous works of art. You can check out their music at iTunes and here:


This additional video takes you through it with the paintings they copied:


And lastly, alt rock band OK Go, the king of creative silly music videos, had to come up with a doozy to top previous efforts. So they decided to go weightless for their new single, “Upside Down & Inside Out” from the new album Hungry Ghosts. You can check out their music at: http://okgo.net/

Bonus, a previous music video for their song “Needing/Getting,” which added a car to their Rube Goldberg machine style videos and is quite funny:




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A Little Music To Start (Dumping Days)

Michael Pollack first came to wide attention when Billy Joel did a concert and talk at Vanderbilt University, where Pollack is a student, and Pollack convinced Joel to let him come up and play the piano during it, impressing Joel when he did so. Since then, Pollack has done some high profile gigs and has released an EP. This is a single from the EP called “Chances Are”, and it’s pretty good. (Audio file only.)

Walk Off the Earth, in addition to their really good original work, continues to do cover versions of songs that I like better than the originals. They did a great a capella one of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” and they now have tackled her new pop single, “Shake It Off” with a low key, beachy rendition that utilizes actual rattles.

So successful has OK Go been in making terrific music videos for their quirky synth tunes, that they’ve gotten corporate sponsorship to make even bigger ones. For the newest single off their new album Hungry Ghosts,I Won’t Let You Down,” the boys go all out with crane shots and one of the wildest synchronized performances around. I also like the song, though maybe not quite as much as the first single off the album, “The Writing’s On the Wall,” in the video for which, OK Go upped their Rube Goldberg machine concept. But visually, the video below is pretty impressive.



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Music Videos for Eyes and Ears

I have occasionally written about the perplexing advertising strategy of selling products through images of women photo-shopped to make them look like weird stick alien creatures — not simply skinny but disjointed and inhuman. Since advertising is the process of association, associating your fancy perfume or haute couture with horror movie images seems counter productive. The band Foster the People has explored this idea more fully in the music video for their new hit single, “Best Friend.” It’s a good song about a troubled relationship and the SF style video is excellent, funny and disturbing. Check it out:

And oddly enough related to that, I got introduced to the delightful Meghan Trainor‘s music in this pastel dance party video for the snappy ode to loving your body, “All About the Bass.” This one will stick in your head:

And finally, after too long away, OK Go, the indie masters of the music video, have returned with a new one for a song, “The Writing on the Wall,” from their up-coming new album. The video is both a nod to their famous Rube Goldberg style video for their song, “This Too Shall Pass,” and a feast of visual special effects and brain teasers that work with the new song, a poignant ballad about the ending of a romantic relationship:





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And One More

Today had some sad things in it before noon even and so this music video cheered me up. I was raised on the Muppets. I am firmly in the Muppet camp. And Jason Segel, who is regularly wonderful on the t.v. show How I Met Your Mother and has been building a producing empire, has made it his crusade to bring the Muppets back full force in their new movie, due out this fall, with the full backing of mighty Walt Disney Pictures. In support of the movie, the Muppets have put out a new album, The Green Album, with bands like Weezer and Andrew Bird performing famous Muppet songs along with the Muppets. My favorite zany guys, band OK Go,  did the cover of The Muppet Show theme song, and they’ve just released the music video for it, starring OK Go and the Muppets, and making jokes about both  the original The Muppet Show and things from OK Go’s famous music videos — dogs, kaladeiscope, Rube Goldberg machine, etc. (I have put up all of these videos on my blog in the past and you can also find them on OK Go’s You Tube channel or at their website. )

You don’t have to know any of this to enjoy the video however. It’s just silly fun on its own:

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Extremely Enthusiast Videos

Nerd Machine has drafted major stars to make important PSA’s:

Kaley Cuoco helps the costume stumped:

Zachary Levi gives an important reminder when dealing with the living challenged:

And Nathan Fillion confronts an important gaming problem:

And speaking of problems, Harrison Ford, on the Jimmy Kimmel show to promote his film Cowboys & Aliens ran into one from his past:

If you have any association with grad school at all, you’ll find this funny:

And lastly, in their continual quest to top themselves in music videos, band OK Go, to celebrate their new live album 180/365, which itself celebrates their having done 180 concerts in a year, have teamed up with director Trish Sie and dance troupe Pilobolus to essentially do a pretty impressive impression of a kaleidoscope. If you have Google Chrome, you can watch an interactive version and other goodies:



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Bits and Pieces After the Turkey

SFF author Kristine Kathryn Rusch has been doing a series of blog essays about the Business of Publishing, and this one on bookselling is interesting:


SF Signal rounded up some authors and others to suggest cool presents for the holiday season:


Cracked.com relates important information about science and movies:


Andrew Liptak looks at the obstacles women face in fandom and in general:


Asked to respond to the news that Warner Brothers, which holds the rights to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie and t.v. series, was rebooting the movie with a new young screenwriter, Joss Whedon shows why nobody is as good as him. The Avengers is going to be way fun:


I unintentionally fibbed — there is another OK Go video I’m putting up. They did one for the Today Show for one of their songs. It’s not their best work but it’s cute:

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The Last OK Go Video

I’ve come to the end of my weekly dosing of OK Go’s fun music videos. (There’s one very early concert one from their first album, but I think I will leave it lie. ) This one is for one of their hits, Do What You Want, and involves complicated and silly things with wallpaper. It’s another doubleclick one, but it’s the last one! And it’s a lot of fun and a good note to go out on:


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OK Go Weekly Video, Plus Extra

This week’s OK Go video is from the new album again, Of the Blue Color of the Sky, and is entitled WTF?.  It’s not particularly radical, but the boys have fun playing with psychedelic CGI.


And for additional fun, in celebration of my daughter getting to see the original The Karate Kid movie, here’s the extended music video for the cult hit “Sweep the Leg” by group No More Kings, starring cameos from numerous actors from that movie. (Warning: This song will stick in your head.)


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OK Go’s Big Hit

This week’s OK Go music video is the one that brought them to wide attention and won them an MTV award.  It is for the excellent single Here It Goes Again and makes perhaps the best use of exercise equipment ever.  Being an older video, their record company requires you to doubleclick on it, taking you to YouTube, but it’s worth the extra click.

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