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Puzzlements of Spam Advertising, Since it is Snowing Here

Yet another in my small series of I don’t really understand how this does anything on the Web advertising, specifically fake comments on my blog attempts, which is obviously what I get a lot of these days. But I’m finding a kind of poetry in them, in both the illogic and the wording.

1) This comment was attached to a blog entry where I provided links to various articles around the Web, in other words, no real essays or info from me despite the “comment” commenting on the excellent info and writing I was doing. It is also worded in a way that clearly indicates that the composer is not a native English speaker (but that’s what makes it poetic.) And also funky because the address connection as it turns out is for the West Corvina Orthodontists. Apparently, a foreign sounding comment praising an essay I didn’t write is supposed to send people to be customers of California orthodontists? I’m sure that this doesn’t cost this professional group that much to do it, but why? Still, it is very pretty:

“This is laid out quite quite and you may see from the top quality, that it has been researched and thought out incredibly very. I have bookmarked it and am going to forward it to others that i know will be really interested within the info. My father is in this business, he’ll love the way you laid out the information, I’ve sent him your hyperlink. I’ve alos posted a permanent hyperlink on my web page for other to find this. It’s difficult for anybody to disagree with this, the information is fantastically put together.”

Of course I’m dying to know what business his imaginary father is supposed to be in. Orthodontia?

2) This next one was attached to a movie trailer blog post of mine. I’m not entirely sure what it’s selling — real estate? Home design? Sex toys? But it’s very Zen:

“Unquestionably the biggest day-dream of most people is to energetic in their own homes. It is realizable instead of every one due not all can have the means such an portion, do not worry at hand designing the lineage and the stairs that you at one’s desire go and aid and not lose anything.”

I think that if we could figure this out, we might know the meaning of life. I particularly would like to know how to energetic in my own home.

3) This last one also was attached to a blog post that offered videos, so again no written essays or information:

“Paul has shown incredible passion while expressing views. Thanks for the great information, I have it bookmarked

Paul? Who the hey is Paul? What is he doing on my blog? Maybe they just got the wrong blog? Oh, wait, no, they’re selling some sort of ceramic wear or something.

If you blog and you get comments like this in your spam filter, a really good or poetic one, I think I’ve started collecting them (the text only, not the spam links.) They are just too fascinating. And I still don’t see the point of doing them as ads that will never see the page and wouldn’t sell anything even if they did. Or maybe that’s the point. Maybe something is trying to contact us and get us to talk to the West Corvina orthodontists and save the world!


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I Should Probably Be Offended By This

But mostly I’m amused. I haven’t been able to do much with my blog for the last few months because of life stuff. Consequently, view counts of my blog have varied depending on the day, if I’ve posted other places on the Net, etc. (Spambots do not find your blog unless you post new entries, you see.) 🙂 But they’ve still been in the average range for my little fledgling blog. Today, however, I discovered that the number of views of my blog had increased 5 times over. Why?

Well, awhile back, talking about the disturbing trend of having photos of women in fashion advertising appearing like stick aliens, including bizarre photoshopping airbrushing,  mostly in terms of puzzling about what exactly is the advertising philosophy behind it, I put up, among other things, a photo of a Victoria’s Secrets model (as an example of the type of modelling today that is still not stick alienish yet.) And Victoria’s Secrets had a “fashion show” infomercial special on U.S. network t.v. last night. And apparently, in the wake of that, there are a lot of people searching for photos of Victoria’s Secret models. And so my blog came up in searches (I can’t imagine it’s very high on the search lists,) and some of the searches — probably mostly spambots programmed for the term Victoria’s Secret — came to my blog. And the ironic thing is that the particular, one Victoria’s Secret model photograph I had put up has been removed from the upload or virused and doesn’t even open on my blog anymore. You can’t actually see it if you come to my blog. It will not successfully gather for Google or whatever it is that is being done. (I did, however, get it originally from Google, so you can just go to Google and get some.)

But it is a very popular search term, apparently. So just for kicks, I’m going to try a little experiment. Here is a Victoria’s Secret model photograph from the 2010 fashion show:


I like this one because I like peacock feathers. Also, she has actual thighs. Let’s see if I can get 8 times more views than my usual average! I’ll keep you posted.



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