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Interesting Writings While Prepping for the Hurricane

Here are some articles to read until your electricity goes out:

1) Turns out that wonderful stereotype of which so many are fond, the one that goes men want only sex, women want affection and cuddling, it’s wrong:


2) Bookman Andrew Wheeler gives some excellent advice on marketing:


3) Author Chuck Wendig gets his Penmonkey on about being a writer:


4) Enjoy Cathrynne Valente’s excellent Guest of Honor speech from Mythcon:


5) A literary agent explains current reality, which funnily enough does not match myths of the market:


6) Part 350,000 of why e-books do cost quite a lot of money and personnel which costs money to make. It will fall on deaf ears mostly, but I can dream:


7) Author Jim C. Hines gets his hip hop on by reimagining the lyrics to a Sir Mixalot ditty. Really, this should go viral:


8 ) And lastly, this couple will be happy together forever:


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