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I Still Believe in Peace

A lot of unexpected things happened this fall, both personal and out in the world. Between the personal ones and computer problems, I managed about 1-2 posts a month here in my blog, and half of that was spam poetry offerings. And now as we approach the end of our calendar year and twirl around the sun, we are watching the struggles of several countries for peace and freedom and are having to deal with the death of children.

The world is a less violent place than it used to be, with less violent war. More people have more civil rights than they used to have in that world. It’s hard to remember those facts in the face of tragedy and upheaval. Even when we do remember them, they may be cold comfort. But peace is winning, and not at the point of a gun. And I still believe in it. So as I store this blog into hibernation for the new year and new starts, I will hope for as much peace as we can get, now and in the future.

Happy Winterfest, everybody.

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