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The Aftermath

Well that happened.

I was working on several posts when the lockdown began. Then my mom got sick and landed in the hospital at the height of the first surge. My kid got furloughed from her job. And then I got sick.

Not with Covid thankfully. But a chronic condition that’s been a journey certainly. During the plague year I have vented in places on the Net, watched U.S. politics with horror, then a bit of hope, and kept in touch with family, etc., all the things that other people have been doing. But when it came to my own little space here, I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to say, to look at, to try to explore. It felt alien, standing on the edge of a horizon too vast to really take in.

Even here, I am dealing with some entirely new set-up WordPress has created that I’m sure they thought was sleek and spiffy but which I find quite confusing and still haven’t discovered how to insert images in it and such. Things just…shifted. Some people tried burying themselves and denying all of it, others were callously thrown into a pit, the rest of us found ourselves watching passively and trying to be active at the same time.

So as I rebuild myself in a new spring, waiting for the chance to be vaccinated, and the rest of the world tries to keep going, I’m going to just feel my way along here, push a few buttons and see what comes up. Good luck, keep masked, and may we maintain our spirits with stories and songs.

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