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Naturally Uplifting

There’s been a lot of silliness going on today, so you know what that means? Animals! Because serot0nin needs a boost, man.

For instance, is there anything cuter and weirder than baby stingrays?

Did you know that some types of rays can fly?

Drones may be the new tools of the skies, but hawks are unimpressed:

Remember, lions are cats. Big, smart cats:


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Ecosystems — We Are All Tied Together

Humans unfortunately in large majority try to reject the idea of ecosystems, even when they learned about them in school. They want to separate out one bit from another, deny the connections and that things that affect the larger land or other humans will affect them in the process. They definitely often want to deny that the natural world knows what it is doing or that we can harm and alter it, and in turn be affected by that. This really fascinating video, “How Wolves Change Rivers,” about the re-introduction of wolves into the national park by the Sustainable Human organization, offers us a fascinating glimpse of those connections and how valuable and critical they are, how they go beyond our expectations of connection.

So if you ever run into somebody who doesn’t understand why we’re bothering to try to save one species of animal or another, and how one species can have a very large impact, point them towards this video. It is well worth your time.



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Let’s Just Take A Moment

A photo of the Silfra Fissure between the North American and European continents by photographer Alex Mustard:

Silfra Ravine by Alex Mustard

Silfra Ravine by Alex Mustard

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Just When You Thought Octopi, Squids and Cuttlefish Could Not Be Any Cooler

It’s a sad day today (though all our friends in that area of D.C. were okay, thank goodness,) and so for today, I am offering a fascinating science video about the extraordinary camouflage abilities of octupi, squids and cuttlefish. I knew they could hide themselves but I had no idea the extent of it. Scientists are studying it and humans of course are trying to figure out how to replicate it. Even if it weren’t showing you something amazing about them, it’s just a beautiful video altogether. Enjoy:

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“Mutual Core” Eruptions

Well, my fall blew up like a volcano. What about yours? No? I’ve had time for some rantings on the Net amid the magma, but we’ll hope for more substance in the new year. In the meantime, here’s something of the ultimate substance — geological sex/love metaphors! We love you, Bjork and so does Scientific America:

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Cats — What the Internet Is For

Today is a very sad anniversary.  And I’m still catching up. So — while we’re still remembering — we can also smile with the bastion of the Internet — cats.

Do not mess with cats because they can do this:

Do not think you can keep cats from their chosen target:

Even if the target is you:

The cat is a master of disguise:

So really, you should just build cats their own castle. (My cat needs one without tape because he likes to eat it.):

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Some Smiles from the Sea

A short but wild video of a surfer and some kayakers nearly swamped by breaching humpback whales eating anchovies. The footage was taken by another kayaker who almost got taken out as well:

Dolphins like to surf boat wakes. When there’s a wakeboard surfer behind the boat doing the same, they like to show off. Wait for the jump!




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