The Saga of Wonder Woman

I’ve apparently had some visitors from the DC Comics discussion boards re female action pictures from a conversation about the saga of Wonder Woman in media. So, since Wonder Woman has made a few appearances in this blog, I thought I’d throw those up for them in case they’re interested.

Here are my commentaries:

And here are News items that covered the saga of Wonder Woman getting rebooted to the screen:


The saga of Wonder Woman does continue. The latest news is that Warner/DC Comics is still planning a Justice League movie some time in the next few years and that this movie should include Wonder Woman in it, with a potential spin-off film if it goes well. That probably, oddly enough, depends on how the Green Lantern sequel movie does in relation to the first, pretty flawed Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds. That movie, while basically considered a dud, still managed to barely break even on its big budget. Now that they’ve dispensed with their version of an origin story, they can re-structure, I would assume the thinking is. So Wonder Woman may have her day, some time. Marvel, which has successfully so far launched the sort of platform Warner really wants to have, has hinted that they will do female superhero features in the future, but so far, no announcements have been forthcoming. It’s unlikely that Scarlet Johansen’s Black Widow character in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers will get her own film. So help us, Wonder Woman, you’re our only hope! (Well that, and many graphic novels about women characters that seem to be now in the works.)




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